By moving large parts of the automationslösningen to the cloud, the conditions are created for cost reduction, energy efficiency, resource sharing, increased flexibility and enhanced capacity for innovation.

And the council from automationsnästets experts to those who are not in the cloud is clear: get started in a small scale.

– Try to put yourself into the system architectures and solutions proposed within the internet of things, industry 4.0 and the industrial internet.

Hans Hansson is professor in real-time systems at Mälardalen university and scientific leader at SICS in Västerås, sweden.

for Example, a smaller Swedish companies to find new revenue streams from customers that were previously too far away for a traditional service business.

Pär Bergsten: By having access to the collective knowledge of the entire product life cycle, as well as the surrounding information such as the weather, electricity prices and access to raw materials, you can optimize operations.

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