A lot of companies would have you believe 360-degree video is the future of storytelling.

It s why 20th Century Fox just signed a deal with Felix and Paul, and IMAX is bringing VR stations to cinemas around the world.

But is VR video in its current state really proof of that?That s what VR testing company, Fishbowl VR, wanted to find out with its new report, The State of VR Video .

The company, which traditionally allows users to playtest VR experiences and gauge reactions to them, has used its services to gather information about the current state of 360 degree experiences.

You hear a lot about the future of 360º video and immersive storytelling, and about how VR video will be a gateway drug to more interactive VR, Fishbowl VR founder Geoff Skow told UploadVR.

What you don t hear much about is what users like and don t like about today s VR video apps.

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