Something I ve come to realize with age is that there s almost always a purpose or agenda behind – well, nearly everything – and once you re no longer oblivious to this fact, it becomes far more difficult to enjoy things or accept them at face value.

Take social news aggregators, for example.

With an Alexa global rank of 24 and a US rank of seven, Reddit is without a doubt one of the top destinations to discover and discuss news of all sorts.

It seems innocent enough at first glance and while some content you ll find there is truly organic, a lot of it is strategically shared as Forbes points out in a recent feature.

In a bid to discover just how easy it is to manipulate what you see on Reddit, Forbes Jay McGregor and Phil Harper were able to game Reddit by using two made-up stories that they posted to subreddits /r/Video and /r/UnitedKingdom.

For under $200, the duo was able to get their stories to the number one and number two spots on their chosen subreddits by buying fake accounts and fake upvotes through a handful of different avenues.

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