I ve never been one for hi-vis.

It is not merely vanity, though I admit luminous yellow is just not my colour.

It s that too many cyclists see it as a panacea, a fluorescent force-field that will protect them from the dangers of the road, whereas the truth is you can be done up head-to-toe as a highlighter pen and it ll not help you at all if you re always cowering in a driver s blind spot.

I don t wear proper cycling gear to ride two miles to the Guardian s Manchester office each day.

If it s raining, I ll don a waterproof jacket or, more honestly, take the car .

But generally I m in my civvies and so am arguably the prime market for Volvo s new LifePaint, a water-based reflective safety spray , which promises to turn ordinary clothes into beacons when in direct glare of headlights.

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