Presented by UndertoneThere s no dispute that so-called programmatic advertising tools have been a boon to digital marketers.

With a few clicks, today s brands can send their ad messages to specific audiences at cost-effective prices all over the web and mobile.Programmatic has experienced massive growth in recent years, representing 67 percent of the U.S. display ad market according to eMarketer.

If we want to stave off increasing rates of ad-blocking and banner blindness, advertisers, publishers, and technology companies will need to work together to marry programmatic tools with interactive, high-impact native and video ad formats that are captivating consumers.And in order to do that, we re going to need a concerted effort to infuse the digital ecosystem with three crucial ingredients: advanced ad creation tools, flexible publisher environments, and user-first data targeting.Here s the why and how…As noted above, most of today s programmatic campaigns are filled with standard banner ads, which are often found in low-quality digital environments and in placements where they are not viewable to the user.

But it doesn t have to be this way.Instead, advertisers can build or use an ad-creation platform that enables them to design beautiful, feature-rich formats that can easily be altered to meet the technical standards of different publisher environments.

While some brands will still need traditional display ads to scale their campaigns, the greatest impact will come from mobile-first, interactive formats that stand out to the human beings who encounter them.And that doesn t necessarily mean an increase in creative production costs and resources.

Modern platforms that are built for the mobile-first era use technologies like HTML5 and responsive design to ensure ads are delivered seamlessly across different device types and screen sizes.Even a great ad-creation platform cannot by itself solve the fundamental tension between two important advertiser objectives: delivering experiences that engage consumers and standardizing those experiences to work across a wide range of platforms and publishers.As such, social media networks, app developers, and online publishers need to create canvasses that allow for unique experiences that can still be bought and sold programmatically.

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