1 / 12 Smoke fills the sky above a steel factory in Inner Mongolia, China.

Kevin Frayer/Getty Images 2 / 12 A worker takes a break.Kevin Frayer/Getty Images 3 / 12 Molten steel gushes past.Kevin Frayer/Getty Images 4 / 12 A truck unloads waste, coal and stone.Kevin Frayer/Getty Images 5 / 12 Smoke rises from molten metal running down an embankment.Kevin Frayer/Getty Images 6 / 12 A worker lingers by a cooling pit.Kevin Frayer/Getty Images 7 / 12 Embers fly from a furnace at an unauthorized steel factory.Kevin Frayer/Getty Images 8 / 12 Gloves, glasses and a hood do only so much to protect against the heat and embers.Kevin Frayer/Getty Images 9 / 12 A worker pours hot steel at a factory in Inner Mongolia, China.

Kevin Frayer/Getty Images 10 / 12 Time for a smoke break.Kevin Frayer/Getty Images 11 / 12 An unauthorized steel factory in Inner Mongolia.Kevin Frayer/Getty Images 12 / 12 A worker takes a load off beside a furnace.Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

Kevin Frayer s photographs of illegal Chinese steel factories look like postcards from the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.

Thick smoke spews out of tall stacks, steam rises from vast pits, and molten steel flows across the ground like lava.

All around, men toil without even basic protective gear.

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