Scansonic speakers are small and sassy, and extremely delicious in white high gloss with the grill on.

the Dynamics is tame, the base unbalanced and the holes on the front makes the speakers do not look good without the grill.

From the point of view is Scansonic M-6 an exciting creation, not least because it is small and rugged and perfect for people who do not want speakers that fill the entire visual field.

M-6 is a 2.5-way design, which means that the upper woofer plays bass and mids while the bottom just takes care of the bass range in order to relieve the energy frekvensregistret below 300 Hz.

Our specimens had high gloss white, with a smooth and even surface.

most of The Scansonics speakers are made to work in a good piece out on the floor and don't thrive especially well close to the back wall.

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