It is the good times for the lobster in a part of the Gothenburg archipelago.

Five years of closure has led to both more and larger lobsters, according to an evaluation of an experimental non-fishing areas along the coast of Sweden.

– We can see that these areas actually has an effect, " says Ulrika Gunnartz, investigators at the Marine and water authority, to SVT News West.

the Five areas included in the experiment, which lasted for more than five years.

in Addition to hummerstoppet, in an area between the Buskär and Tanneskär outside of Gothenburg, it has been the closed season on pike and pike-perch in a part of the Stockholm archipelago.

In four of the five areas has fiskestoppet led to more or larger fish and crustaceans, according to the analysis from the Swedish university of agricultural sciences SLU .

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