I was sexually abused as a child … and have dealt with the consequences of that my entire life.

Imagine going through life with an ever-present shadow hanging over you, worrying if you too might be like the people who destroyed your childhood and life.

It has infected almost every significant tech event around the world, said a 2010 article in Wired.

An omniscient moderator leads players through the two alternating phases of the game – day and night.

When Davidoff was growing up, most Soviet games were inspired by the us v them dynamic of the cold war, but Davidoff wanted Mafia to serve as a metaphor for the darkest years of the communist regime, when anyone – your boss, your neighbour, your lover – could be an informant.

Unlike the high-powered tech whizzes who play the parlour game, the people who play Epic Mafia tend to be high-school and college students looking for a good way to waste time.

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