Google's quietly let developers know that apps that use the Google Hangouts API to add additional functionality to video calls on the platform will no longer continue to function after April 25 this year.

The company announced the change in an email sent to developers, and on the FAQ page for Google Hangout developers.

For users,it means that you'll no longer be able to use the tools that enhance the functionality off Hangouts, such as launching a customer service call from sites that have integrated a button, use custom media effects no more virtual moustaches and hats on your calls!

or use many of the productivity tools that have integrated.

While the API is no longer being supported and will apps will stop functioning on April 25, there are a few exceptions that will continue to function.

Most notably among these is suport for enterprise-focused services and features, like being able to dial into a call with DialPad or RingCentral and tools like Slack.

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