However, vendors still recognize the demand for enterprise-level security and services and the industry is evolving to suit the needs of a wider range of companies.Technology Business Research predicts the global public cloud revenue will increase from $80 billion in 2015 to $167 billion by 2020.

Whereas before, companies were required to invest in their own data centers, buy software and licenses, and manage the scaling and upgrading of software, they can now clearly budget the cost of cloud technologies simply by determining the number of users they need to accommodate.2.

MobilityToday s workforce is already relying heavily on mobile technologies, and companies are encountering a relentless push for mobile capabilities within the work place.

Real-time business and real-time technology go hand in hand and availability and flexibility are key for an enterprise looking to remain relevant and profitable.

This mobility also allows executives to easily access business-critical data, analytics, and reports to make real-time business decisions.

The fluid transference of information from one environment to another enables an organization s employees to work more efficiently and with less disruption.

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