Xbox One, PC, Billy Goat Entertainment, cert: 3

Tired of Westminster chicanery, the Queen dissolves parliament and sets Britain s sights on the stars.

Now an independent space-faring nation, albeit with a fractional budget, it s up to the bumbling Captain English and his sarcastic, and very Welsh, Sub-Lieutenant Jones to find new planets to colonise for a galactic British empire.

Mechanically, Her Majesty s Spiffing a groan-inducing abbreviation is both love letter and update to the point-and-click adventures of old.

Players freely guide English – who makes Boris Johnson s role as foreign secretary look like a wise appointment – around his hilariously rundown ship and unlikely alien worlds, investigating objects and solving puzzles through an intuitive command wheel.

However, its greatest strengths are a witty script and a wry political edge that cuts especially post-Brexit vote.

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