With that much power, the FlashTorch Mini can certainly illuminate, but as rhetorically noted by the manufacturer: why merely illuminate when you can incinerate?

Before you can charge the device, you ll need to unscrew the end cap and connect the battery.

There are some fairly intense warnings for using the device at full power and the product manual actually recommends wearing protective gloves when using the flashlight.

Wicked Lasers also warns against aiming or pointing the FlashTorch Mini at yourself or others, noting that doing so could result in temporary blindness or eye damage.

We were dubious to say the least, but the use of a halogen bulb as opposed to LED means that it s entirely possible to fry an egg via the irradiative byproduct of luminescence.

To test this, we used a thin three-inch tin pan, an extra large egg, and a little milk.

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