Nvidia s Shield line of devices is now more than six years old, and the latest member of the family is the new Shield TV, an update of Nvidia s first set-top streaming box from 2015.

The 2017 version slims down the console to a remarkably portable rectangle, adds a redesigned controller with a built-in ambient microphone, and includes a more traditional wand-like remote in the box.

The $199 device or $299 for a larger version with a built-in 500GB hard drive has big ambitions: Nvidia wants Shield TV to be not only the only streaming TV box you need, but also a gaming console, a smart home device and a personal digital assistant all in one.

Software makes it feel like a completely new device, however – and that s going to benefit both existing users and those new to the Shield platform.

There s a much less confusing games section that groups all content under one broad Games category, for instance, which replaces the Shield Hub app.

More generally enjoyable additions with this software update include the ability to adopt external storage as native, which means you can plug in external flash drives via the two USB ports on the back and have those act as fully accessible storage space for games and media.

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