Using the Akatsuki spacecraft, Japanese scientists have detected a large, bow-shaped anomaly in the upper atmosphere of Venus.

Strangely, the 6,200-mile-long structure is refusing to budge despite the 225 mile-per-hour winds that surround it.

Researchers from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency s Institute of Space and Astronautical Science believe the phenomenon is the largest stationary gravity wave ever recorded in the solar system.

Emanating from the mountains below, the unusual weather phenomenon is strong enough to withstand ferocious background winds, causing an enormous bow-like structure to hang in the upper atmosphere like a gigantic scar.

Venus, that cloud-covered hellhole of a planet next door, is rife with exceptionally strange atmospheric behaviour.

Winds in its upper atmosphere howl at 223 miles per hour 359 kilometres per hour , a speed that s considerably faster than the slowly-rotating planet pictured below a single Venusian day lasts longer than an entire Venusian year .

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