As a responsible adult, you know it s something you should do every now then, but deep down, you re really worried that many readers won t make it past the second sentence.

I hope you re still here.

The panel was loaded with four smart and opinionated security professionals who hotly debated a variety of topics related to security and hacking.

Speaking to the theme of the panel, it became immediately clear that the motivations for the bad guy hackers there was, of course, a brief, but strong show of support for the white hat good hackers are exactly what you d expect them to be: money, politics, pride, power and revenge.

Beyond some of the basics, however, I was surprised to hear the amount of dissent on the topics discussed, even by those with some impressive credentials including work at the NSA, managing cyber intelligence for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, etc.

One particularly interesting point, for example, highlighted that hackers are people too—meaning, they make mistakes.

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