Tune in at 11:30 a.m. Eastern today to watch Donald Trump become the 45th president of the United States.In fact, the President-Elect s inauguration events kicked off yesterday and will stretch into the weekend.

And there s no shortage of ways to watch the swearing-in ceremony this morning, but if you re looking to stream it over the internet — or in VR — here s a quick guide.For reality escapists, USA Today and Nikon are streaming the inauguration and the parade following in 360 degrees.

You can find the stream on USA Today s YouTube channel using any headset that works with the video service, including Google Cardboard and DayDream.

You can also watch the 360-degree video on your laptop or mobile device, if you don t mind clicking or swiping to look around.You can watch the White House s own stream below.Trump s favorite social network will be streaming the event live.Via ABC NewsNBC has a free stream.

As do Reuters, CBS News, and C-Span, along with plenty of others.

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