Researchers are finding new ways to make sure your body doesn't reject implants, and a material that repels blood may be one answer.

If you have a medical implant put into your body, you want it to be compatible with blood so as to cause the minimum of possible complications, right?

A research project coming out of Colorado State University is suggesting a different, less conventional approach: A new type of superhemophobic titanium surface that s so repellent to blood that, in theory, your body won t even realize an implant is there.

Researchers have been working to try and make implants that blood likes enough to be compatible, Arun Kota, assistant professor of mechanical engineering and biomedical engineering, told Digital Trends.

We wanted to do the opposite: To make it so that implants are so repellent to blood that blood can t even contact its surface to make it wet.

In a sense, we re tricking blood into thinking there s nothing there at all.

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