currently, the banks charge a fee for the network service from the bilateral agreements, an average of 0.50 per one identification.

calculating the costs of the event, when a new trust network, i.e. the detection instruments provide, such as online banking and the operators and transmission service to the network will start joint operations 1.5.2017.

network service administrator can get a discount if you swap a bilateral contract in one of the ceiling of the contract of brokerage service.

the Law specifies the identification of the maximum price for the trust network of 0.10 eur may hairstyles from.

"One of identification of the final price formation by an average of 0,15-0,20 euro", the brokerage services offered Signicatin country manager Antti Harsunen believes.

It has over 300 customers and an annual level of hundreds of millions of events.

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