Flipboard chief executive Mike McCue once opined that he believes the media publishing platform should be the go-to place for what you re passionate about and show multiple perspectives from people that are just as passionate, if not more.

Today, the company is following through on that idea by launching a major redesign that puts passions front and center, further helping the platform s 100 million monthly active users better understand how to use it.Included in this update are what Flipboard calls Smart Magazines, which offer content around very specific topics, as well as new social actions, a redesigned profile, a passion picker, and more ways to discover what s worth reading about.After years of curating content from users and slowly integrating smart technology from its Zite acquisition, the time has come to shift from trends and casual interests to what people are truly passionate about.

Flipboard seeks to be the place for people to pursue their passions and stay informed.We all have a lot of interests, such as self-driving cars, TV dramas, pets, or even scrapbooking.

But there are probably only a few things we can claim to truly be passionate about, and Flipboard s redesign wants to cut through the noise and surface those things for you.To accomplish this, Flipboard needed to take advantage of personalization.

After all, you might be interested in photography, but there are different focuses, such as street scenes versus nature or mirrorless cameras versus DSLRs.

The latest redesign should take care of that.There were five major goals laid out for the 2017 version of Flipboard: The first was identifying up to five passions people had.

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