The report said that only 10 percent to 12 percent of users remain active seven days after downloading an app, and a mere 4 percent to 5 percent are still active after 30 days.

AppsFlyer also found that, when comparing organic those who discover an app from a friend or on their own and non-organic users those who are lured by an ad , the former outperformed the latter by 15 percent on iOS and 21 percent on Android.

Overall retention has improved from a year ago.

And on iOS, organic users were up 9 percent and non-organic users were up 25 percent.

Fewer than 2 percent of those that download an app actually make purchases inside the app.

engaged user turning into a buyer are almost 80 percent higher on iOS, while the odds of a user who installed an app becoming a buyer are 55 percent higher.

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