The overly air-conditioned waiting room, the high-pitched scream of the ultrasonic scaler, the fluorescent light in your eyes, the possible news of a cavity—the list goes on.

At a glance, this Taoyuan City, Taiwan dental clinic looks like the home of a stylish, minimalist-minded friend.

But peer past the terra cotta tiles and wooden furniture and you ll see subtle signs of dentistry at work.

Belgian architect Germain Canon and Taiwanese industrial designer Mia Li used an open-floor plan for the treatment rooms at Luxin Orthodontic Clinic, so that the space fills with natural light and feels more convivial—like a salon.

Lydian Dental turned to Silicon Valley design tactics when planning its clinic in Tempe, Arizona.

That explains the Navajo throw blankets on the dentist chairs and the photo booth for capturing your freshly cleaned pearly whites on film.

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