Russian cyber security and antivirus vendor Kaspersky Lab has made available the much awaited KasperskyOS, a secure-by-design operating system based on Microkernel architecture which is specially designed for network devices, industrial control systems and the Internet of Things.

The operating system is not made for your average home PC; instead, it is meant to protect industrial systems and embedded devices from cyber attacks by preventing any third-party or malicious code from executing.

Kaspersky Lab CEO Eugene Kaspersky confirmed the rumors of a new operating system on his official blog published on Monday, saying this project under the codename 11-11 has been in the works for 14 years and has been designed from scratch.

The reason behind developing KasperskyOS is simple: Growing Internet-of-Things and embedded devices in industrial control systems ICS to power critical infrastructure.It's quite easy for most companies to get rid of the virus-infected computer, as they all need to do is unplug the infected ones from the network, according to Kaspersky.

But since industrial control systems ICS are usually managing critical operations or infrastructure that must be powered on all the time and can not be taken offline for even a while, the malware targeting these ICS systems is a challenging problem.

So, according to Kaspersky, the solution lies in a secure operating system with strict cyber security requirements that could help reduce the chances of undocumented functionality and thus mitigates the risk of cyber attacks targeting ICS or IoT devices.It s Secure, But KasperskyOS is not Linux!Yes, this OS is not just another Linux flavor.

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