A government minister is calling on industries, including gaming, fashion and television, to urgently increase their representation of people with disabilities.

Penny Mordaunt said she had been surprised to hear young people raise the lack of disabled characters in computer games as their top concern during research by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Mordaunt, the minister for disabled people, also called for reforms in other sectors including retail, music, tourism and advertising.

She said there were too many stories about disabled people being unable to access toilets or being “segregated” from friends in music or sports stadiums.

Announcing a series of “sector champions” to help improve the situation in a range of industries, she said: “Enormous numbers of people are being short-changed on their experiences and their quality of life.”

She said that she often heard of people being “unable to have equality of experience at live music events or at a football match” or facing “the physical obstacles of going shopping in the high street”.

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