According to new research, the myth of the 'elusive female orgasm' is based not on women's bodies but rather who they're next to in bed.

A collaborative study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior has revealed that, when it comes to sexual activity, straight women are having fewer orgasms at the hands of their partners (so to speak) than any other group surveyed.

Unlike lesbian women, who reported always or almost always achieving orgasm during sex, women who stuck to male partners only reported having orgasms around 65% of the time--by some grading standards, a solid D.

The study surveyed 52,588 adults on their sexual habits, including 26,032 self-identified heterosexual men, 24,102 heterosexual women, 452 gay men, 340 lesbian women, 550 bisexual men, and 1112 bisexual women.

Of those polled, straight men set the curve for orgasms from sexual activity, with 95% reporting that they "usually-always" achieved orgasms.

Gay and bisexual men also fared pretty well, with orgasm success rates of 89% and 88%, respectively.

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