Many gamers, writers, and others who spend considerable amounts of time at their computers will preach the importance of choosing a quality keyboard, particularly one that features old-school mechanical switches rather than the “rubber dome” system that most modern designs use.

If you need a new mechanical keyboard or if you use a standard model and want to upgrade, then Amazon is offering the Aukey KM-G3 mechanical keyboard for $49 with the checkout code AUKRGBG3, giving you a combined discount of $31 for a limited time.

Mechanical keyboards like the Aukey KM-G3 are popular and highly regarded for the increased precision and improved tactile feel that mechanical switches provide.

When you type on most standard modern keyboards, each key presses down on a rubber dome switch attached to a single-piece membrane.

While efficient and cost-saving, this dome design can give the keys a “squishy” feel when compared to a mechanical keyboard where each key uses its own complete mechanical switch.

This gives mechanical keyboards their characteristic springy feel and clicking sound which many users find to be very satisfying.

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