The precipitation didn't have a chance to stop in the northeastern United States on Tuesday before angry rants started flying on social media and piling into inboxes up and down the coast.

The heaviest snow plastered just about every square inch of land from northern West Virginia all the way up to the Canadian border, all while leaving the densely-populated cities and suburbs with a sloppy, slushy mixture of rain, snow, and ice.

Much of the central Northeast is buried under the deepest snow, a blanket measuring between 12 and 33 inches deep stretches from northern Pennsylvania through a sizeable chunk of New England.

Elizabeth, N.J., just a dozen miles to the west of New York City, saw nearly nine inches of snow, and there was a report of 13 inches of snow just four miles from the northern tip of Bronx County.

The center of this nor'easter followed a little closer to the coast than expected, which allowed a layer of warm air aloft to jut a little farther inland than forecasters expected based on the model data available to them at the time.

We're not talking big distances here; just one or two dozen miles meant the difference between a foot of snow and an ugly mix.

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