the IT security company Check point's operative director Amnon Bar-Lev is convinced that the socially critical infrastructure is already infected by malicious code.

the Check point was founded 23 years ago, he enjoyed success as the creator of the first modern firewall and is today a global company with headquarters in both Tel Aviv and Silicon Valley.

By sending a simple photo to someone could a malicious to take control over the account, the message history and all the photos that have ever been.

But the cell phone we are not protecting, despite the fact that it is always connected, has a built in GPS to know where you are, containing both private and professional information and have both camera and microphone that can take pictures and listen to us.

They sure do their best but are not security companies, " he says.

He also points to two factors around mobile security, which greatly limits the kind of protection that is possible: the User experience of the phone as fast and with good battery life.

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