game developing company Triangular Pixels have developed a VR-game where you can take your real cat into the virtual reality.

This is accomplished by attaching a Vive Tracker on a real cat and you can then follow a digital version of the cat in the VR experiences to the HTC Vive.

Vive Tracker was an accessory that HTC unveiled at the beginning of the year and that is supposed to be attached to the physical objects that you want to use in VR experiences.

for example, if you want to have a real tennis racket to play a tennis game instead of the traditional handkontrollerna to the HTC Vive.

the Triangular Pixels say that their VR Pet Hacking so far are in the prototype stage but you can see that in the future would be able to use it on other pets than cats, maybe even on the small child that you want to take with them into the virtual reality.

In the clip below, you can check out how the cat looks in a VR experience.

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