It’s the best because we can do so much and do it anywhere and any time it suits us; we can work with global partners without ever leaving our desks; we can stream music and movies, curating works that we like; we can get things done quickly.

The world expects things to be done quickly — and all the while, we’re bombarded with interruptions in our digital experience.

When push comes to shove — and that’s how it feels on the internet today — are you grateful for digital?

I find it challenging, if not utterly frustrating, to focus on a single task while advertising pops up all around me.

We understand the customer journey; we can decipher the signals that tell us when our target customers are ready to make decisions and ready to buy.

Native ads seem to be the obvious alternative, but limited inventory could be a problem — as well as the inevitability of blocking, not to mention all of the other digital pain points marketers deal with, like ad fraud and viewability.

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