Given that the majority of LinkedIn users now access the platform via mobile device , the professional social network has made mobile functionality their key focus, with their recent platform re-design and re-structure built to be mobile first, a significant shift in approach.

And that makes sense – last year, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner noted that mobile usage was growing at a 3x faster rate than overall member activity, while they’d also seen significant increases in engagement, content sharing and messaging, all on the back of their mobile app re-fresh, which was launched in December 2015.

As with most platforms, mobile is now the way forward for LinkedIn - it may have taken a little longer for the professional social network to see the broader impact of the mobile shift, but now, their app is clearly their focal point.

And the platform’s ad offerings are now also moving to align with this approach.

On this, LinkedIn has this week announced the addition of lead generation forms, a new ad offering which will enable advertisers to more easily collect information from users, with the data auto-populated based on their LinkedIn profile.

As you can see, the process is simple – the new lead gen ads will come with a ‘Sign up’ button and will auto-populate the user data for quick connection.

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