The Nintendo Switch is proving to be a popular product for Nintendo, beating all other consoles in the company's history for weekend sales in the US when it first launched in early March.

The portable, hybrid design certainly seems to have been a hit with fans, but some have taken it upon themselves to make the console even cooler than it already is.

One example is YouTube and Reddit user Tettzan Zone, who has managed to stuff his Switch into a modded Nintendo 64 console, redesigned to act as a dock for the Switch.

The custom dock means the Joy-con controllers can't be attached to the Switch while its in the N64, but other than that, it works exactly like the standard Switch dock.

Tettan Zone previously showed off another Switch hack video where he had managed to create a portable dock for the console.

For this latest N64 dock, it looks as though he used the main part of his portable design in the classic console, adding USB ports to replace the original controller connections in the process.

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