Putting the customer at the centre of the organisation's strategy is essential and to do this, the first step in a transformation should address the cultural implications of the organisation.

In other words, is the organisation recruiting and building the right skills to manage the needs of the customer?

Culture is the building block to ensure your organisation is fit for purpose – not only in undergoing digital transformation but also for ensuring your organisation continues to remain relevant.

A recent article by Forrester heralded the arrival of “the age of the customer” and said brands will need to adapt their ways of thinking and working internally to ensure they remain relevant, trustworthy and authoritative to customers where brand loyalty is in decline.

It needs a shift in focus for organisations away from the traditional marketing mix and towards the customer mix as defined by Practicology.

Frederic Lalloux’s book, Reinventing Organisations, splits organisational evolution into five distinct categories:

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