In 2014, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, his then-girlfriend Gabi Holzwarth and five other Uber employees reportedly visited an escort-karaoke bar in the South Koran capital Seoul.

According to The Information, that outing triggered a complaint to the firm's HR department from the female marketing executive, who was in the group, saying it made her feel "uncomfortable" and "horrible as a girl".

The 27-year-old violinist said she and Kalanick left after about an hour.

A female marketing manager present during the outing later reported the incident to HR a year later.

The woman reportedly told Holzwarth: "It made me feel horrible as a girl (seeing those girls with number tags and being called out is really degrading)".

She told The Information that "she wouldn't have considered speaking publicly had Mr Michael not attempted to 'silence' her".

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