The Huffington Post has plumped for brevity in a major rebranding of the online news portal, renaming itself as HuffPost together and unveiling a new logo.

This is the first ever site redesign to be undertaken by the platform since its launch 12 years ago and will affect all of its global channels and social media outlets, all of which debuted simultaneously this morning.

Jared Grusd, chief executive of HuffPost, said: "Today, we make a decided leap into our future.

The rebrand and relaunch of our products symbolise our commitment to continually evolve to help our audiences connect with a world that is changing rapidly around them.”

Julia Beizer, HuffPost’s head of product, added: “We started with what we believe sets us apart - our editorial voice: down to earth, cutting through what doesn’t matter and getting to what’s real.

These thoughts inspired the forward-slash shape that brackets our name on the top of our site and stands alone as our app and social logo.

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