Those swigging Soylent are in for another hiccup—but, it seems, no belly aches this time.

The high-profile meal-replacement company issued a voluntary recall Monday after finding that a small amount of milk product may have slipped into some batches of its Soylent 1.8 powder, which is supposed to be free of lactose and milk products.

Soylent fans with an allergy or severe sensitivity to milk face serious or even life-threatening allergic reactions if they chug any of the contaminated product.

In an announcement of the voluntary recall on the Food and Drug Administration’s website, the company noted that it has not received any reports of illnesses related to the offending dairy.

The company also said it has figured out what went wrong and identified the batches contaminated, and the problem won’t affect future products or interrupt supply.

Soylent says that 890 contaminated boxes were shipped to 610 customers (SKU: 1WK-V108) with Lot : G7076PA, Expiration / Best Buy date: 02/2018).

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