the U.s. Verizon announces, for example, to look at possible mergers with companies from other industries.

Among other things, has held talks with the cable company Comcast, bell media Walt Disney or the tv group CBS.

another clear example of an operator which recently presented the new initiative is the French Orange, has plans to open a bank for the summer, and the other day presented his contribution to the flora of the virtual assistants, Djingo, which will be launched next year.

– The overall trend is moving from a voice - and meddelandecentrisk market to a datacentrisk market.

It might not be increasing, but is in all cases quite flat intäktsmässigt, " says Bengt Nordström, ceo and founder of telekomanalysföretaget Northstream.

Both Telia that Telenor has chosen to locate their innovationsgäng in the startup environment on the innovationshuset Epicenter in Stockholm.

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