If you want to make sure your new case will work with whatever nine- or 10-inch tablet you buy, then be sure to consider Logitech's latest.

If you are a big tablet user, then you know the advantages of a nice case that can double as a keyboard dock.

The market is full of options that made for specific tablets, but there are fewer good options that work with any tablet — and so if you buy a case and then switch tablets, you are stuck with a case you do not need.

Logitech recognizes this pain point and has developed a solution.

The new Logitech Universal Folio is a case and keyboard dock combination that promises to work perfectly well with any nine- or 10-inch tablet, no matter who makes it.

In terms of its design, the Universal Folio is made to be durable and spill-resistant, to provide a measure of protection during daily use.

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