THQ Nordic is announcing today that it is developing Darksiders III with Gunfire Games and the title will debut in 2018.

/p p Lars Wingefors, CEO of Vienna, Austria-based THQ Nordic, said his company (formerly Nordic Games) acquired the rights to Darksiders when it bought the old THQ properties in bankruptcy proceedings in 2013.

Last year, Nordic Games rebranded itself as THQ Nordic, and fans started asking even more if the company would bring back the Darksiders franchise.

THQ Nordic is tapping Gunfire Games in Austin, Texas, because it was founded by key members of Vigil Games, which made the original titles for THQ.

“We’re very excited to share this news with everybody because it has become a dominant topic for us.” /p p The game will star a female character known as Fury, who was briefly referenced in the original Darksiders, which was about War, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

“We’ve been thinking about doing a new Darksiders game ever since we acquired it.

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