p Paul Haydock, CEO and founder of Fintech business DueCourse, discusses the increasing number of accountants taking a more progressive approach to looking after their clients.

Shaking off its established way of doing things, the industry and the individuals within are becoming ever more progressive and innovative in their approach; something which is proving very beneficial to both accountant and client.

Not content with the status quo, accountants are seeking out fresh ways of adding extra value to their clients by adopting new technology and using this to evolve their offering.

The difference in speed, accuracy and efficiency is stark, leaving more accountants keen to make the switch and evolve their approach to business.

This feature opens a great many doors for accountants and the businesses they work with, offering even greater opportunities for business efficiency and effectiveness.

Forward-thinking accountants want to demonstrate that they are innovative, progressive and able to save current and future clients time and money, but also to help them grow their businesses.

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