p At Twitter’s first ever digital content NewFronts presentation they made a bold declaration – Twitter is not about 140 characters, Twitter is about live video.

Twitter is the go-to destination to find out what's happening in real-time for a primarily Millennial audience, many of whom are already disconnected from traditional television.

According to a recent study by Morning Consult, 54% of Americans between 18 – 29 consume more online content than they do traditional TV, and as highlighted in the graphic above, nearly a third of all Millennials have completely cut the cable cord.

Additionally, 63% of US Millennials have an ad blocker installed on at least once device, making them an increasingly difficult demographic to reach.

Conversely, on Twitter 55% of logged-in live viewers are under the age of 25 and Twitter video ads are reported to be almost 2x as memorable compared to ads on other sites.

According to an IPG Media Lab study, users reported ads feeling more relevant and less intrusive when embedded within their self-curated Twitter feed.

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