p Just over a month ago, Facebook announced that Reactions – those emoji-like cartoon characters you can use to respond to posts in addition to the basic ‘Like’ – are being made available within Messenger, giving people the option to respond to individual messages with a quick emoji.

Now, Facebook’s expanding Reactions even further, with several users noting that they can now post Reactions to individual post comments in Facebook on desktop.

It’s an interesting implementation from Facebook, particularly since, according to Facebook’s own numbers, Reactions haven’t seen widespread adoption as yet.

Facebook says Reactions have been used over 300 billion times since their launch over a year ago, but Facebook, reportedly, generates more than 5 billion Likes every day, which means that, on balance, Reactions are only contributing a very small amount of overall user response activity.

But then again, maybe Reactions in comments makes more sense – as we noted in our post about Reactions in Messenger, being able to respond to individual messages may actually serve a more practical, useful purpose than responding to posts, particularly in fast-moving group chats where it can be difficult to delineate who’s responding to whom.

In comments, maybe having the capacity to provide more responses will give users another reason to engage – maybe Facebook’s research has shown that a large proportion of comment responses are one-word answers, making Reactions a good, potential replacement.

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