p Twitter’s focus on video seems to have been misinterpreted by many, while their actual strategy could end up yielding significant results – both for Twitter and for advertisers alike.

Twitter also touted the scope of their video content in the announcement, saying that:

"In Q1 this year, our second quarter since launching live video on Twitter, we delivered over 800 hours of live streaming premium video content across more than 450 events, driving an audience of 45 million unique viewers.

And this audience is global, mobile, and influential, with 55% of our logged-in live viewers being under the age of 25."

This, once again, underlines that Twitter’s going ‘all-in’ on video, and with bigger players on the horizon, this could be a difficult path.

But then again, Twitter’s broader-focused approach (note: 450 events) is key to their vision.

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