p One of the biggest national infrastructure projects is underway across Great Britain as we try to improve our energy supply whilst at the same time meeting EU climate change targets.

Some may argue that the latter could already be a moot point if we leave the EU, but nonetheless the British government has signalled its intent, challenging energy suppliers, big and small around the country, to install smart meters in every home and business by 2020.

To put that in perspective, it is over 30 million premises across England, Scotland and Wales.

With only about 5 million installed to date, and only three years to go to reach the target, this is no mean feat!

And this is just the beginning as customers want and expect omni-channel energy solutions that give them complete control over their usage and bills with the click of a button.

Smart meters is just the start, as energy companies already have a primed audience of businesses and households to cross-sell this and any number of other smart products to (many offering remote control, monitoring and sensing), that will make their premise more efficient and connected, not to mention saving them money on bills.

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