p Gaming fans may remember back to 2015 when a prototype of the legendary “Nintendo PlayStation” was discovered in a box of junk — it was barely functional, but it was the first time the hardware was seen in the wild.

The early ’90s saw Nintendo and Sony collaborating on the system — a SNES updated with a CD-ROM drive, allowing it to play both cartridge and disc-based games — but the partnership fell apart, and Sony went on to release the original PlayStation as we know it.

Jump to today, and modder/hacker Ben Heckendorn has managed to repair the prototype.

As the only known remaining prototype in existence, Heckendorn has spent the last year working on mysterious Nintendo PlayStation.

When it was discovered, it was only capable of running standard SNES games, and the CD-ROM drive was inoperable.

On the latest episode of The Ben Heck Show, Heckendorn reveals the system’s internals and shows how he brought it back to life.

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