p At the age of 75, the Amazonian Warrior Demi-Goddess and founding member of the Justice League is hitting the big screen for the very first time - in less than a month.

Wonder Woman is finally getting a movie, and the trailers we have seen look fantastic.

So, like any upcoming superhero movie, here we are expecting to be swamped with teasers, behind the scenes footage, interviews, merchandise, advertising, magazine covers, talk show appearances - except that's not what is happening at all.

Thinkthin is just one of a myraid of products that exist these days, aimed at women who have a goal to be thin - I mean, the clue is in the name.

This partnership further reinforces this obsession that exists with focusing on Wonder Woman's physique as her main offering for audiences - one that has resulted in everything from her removal as an honorary United Nations Ambassador to the never-ending barrage of unsolicited criticism sent Gal Gadot's way for being (ironically) apparently being "too skinny" to play the iconic powerhouse.

Focusing on Wonder Woman's body is a gross disservice to her character, fans, and is downright patronising.

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