p /p p /p Amazon unveiled the Echo Show Tuesday, a $229 smart speaker powered by the Alexa virtual assistant with a 7-inch touchscreen, making it the first Amazon Echo of its kind.

p Like the original-model Amazon Echo and its offshoots, the Echo Show is primarily controlled by voice, letting you ask simple questions and check your schedule.

Its killer feature is voice and video chatting, though that feature will be limited to calling other Alexa devices at launch.

At its 2014 launch, it was pitched as a smart speaker for Amazon Prime Music that, oh, by the way, could also help you buy stuff on Amazon, alongside some other simple tasks.

The battery-powered Echo Tap opened it up for use wherever a power outlet wasn't close by, and the $50 Echo Dot lets you plug Alexa into your living room's existing speaker system or simply use it as a cheap way to get in on the whole Alexa phenomenon.

Now, Alexa is in the bedroom with you, as creepy-slash-cool as that sounds.

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