p Google Contacts is being updated to version 2.0 with minor design changes and new features like Google’s standard account switcher.

The search giant added stock Android Phone and Contacts apps to the Play Store back in 2015, and since then, the latter has seen quite a few updates.

Compared to most third-party contacts apps out there, Google’s own offers a cleaner look and all the features that the company deems necessary on an Android device.

Well, Google has updated Contacts to version 2.0, and while it’s not a major update by any means, it further streamlines user experience by introducing slight changes.

The main list remains largely identical as before although now you have the option to select multiple contacts to share, delete, apply labels, or move.

Once you tap on one of your contacts, you’ll notice that the large rectangular profile photo has now been reduced to a circular crop, and everything looks even more quintessentially Google: from the flat greyish colors to the Floating Action Button towards the bottom for edits.

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