the Engcon developed the invention that allows excavators to angle the bucket in all directions.

today is jämtlänningarna the world leader in tiltrotators – and now the company has opened its second factory in Strömsund.

the Company was founded with a starting point from a Swedish invention, and 27 years later, Engcon world leader in tiltrotators for excavators.

Many scandinavian companies have realized how much time tiltrotators can save, but on the continent, you learn a little bit slower.

of course, We have a huge potential in the world, but we need to teach our clients and their customers that it is profitable, " says Stig Engström, Engcons founder.

the Part that Engcon call ”the yellow heart” consists of a worm wheel with a worm screw, which is driven by a hydraulic motor – with a heavy storage in order to cope brytmomentet.

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