p Breath of the Zelda App

If you’ve been itching to play the new Legend of Zelda game but haven’t been able to track down one of those new Nintendo Switch gaming systems, well then we have this small bit of good news: the Wall Street Journal says Nintendo will issue a mobile version of the hit game in the near future.

It could be as soon as this fall, but so far there’s no exact date.

The Journal says Nintendo has a couple of other games in the pipeline for mobile players before Zelda arrives, and there’s no word on if it’ll be a port of Breath of the Wild, or some new Zelda adventure.

Lyft takes the wheel of Waymo’s self-driving cars

Big news in the self-driving car business: Waymo, Google/Alphabet’s robocar division, is teaming up with Lyft to further mature its self-driving tech.

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